Portsmouth Public Schools offer various dance opportunities at Churchland High School, which is a challenging, fulfilling, and riveting experience.  The knowledge and skills the students develop through dance consist of, but are not limited to: professionalism, discipline, determination, self-identity, teamwork, communication, leadership skills, presentation development, technique, performance, and an overall healthy lifestyle.  Such skills can be gained through the enrollment in Churchland High School’s Academic & Career after High School (AC-13) General Dance course, the Upper Level Dance Program, formerly known as the Center of Excellence Visual and Performing Arts Dance Program, and/or the Churchland High School Dance Team (known as the CHS Truckettes).

For additional information concerning Portsmouth Public Schools’ Dance Opportunities at Churchland High School contact the Dance Director, Educator, and Team Coach Miss L. Landraw at or call Miss Landraw at (757) 686-2500.

AC-13 General Dance

The AC-13 (Academic & Career after High School) General Dance course is a basic
level dance course which serves to provide students with the business and artistic
knowledge needed to obtain a career in various fields and/or continuing their
education in a higher learning facility.

Since this one unit, semester long course is a part of the Portsmouth Public Schools’
AC-13 program, it permits students outside of the Churchland High School zone to take this course as well as another course at Churchland High School, and their other 2 courses for the semester will be taken at their zone school.  

There are no prerequisites to be a part of the course and enrollment can be handled by their zone school’s guidance counselor. 


Upper Level Dance Program

The Upper Level Dance Program is a 4-level program which serves to provide a comprehensive and rigorous dance arts program to ensure that students gain the knowledge and skills needed to be successful, well-rounded artists, individuals, and professionals.  
  • Students are enrolled in each level (beginners, intermediate, advance, or mastery) for 1 year receiving 2 units per school year.  

  • Students enrolled in the program not only learn professional, artistic, and academic skills, they have the opportunity to partake in convention classes led by well-known professional artists from around the globe, as well as perform in “bowl” games, community events, and concerts in and outside of the school.  

How to Participate

  • Students interested in enrolling into this Dance program will need to complete the beginning portion of the application by filling out the document at the following link.  The remaining documents are to be downloaded, printed, completed, and submitted on the day of audition. The remaining documents are:
  • Submission of a completed application, essay, transcripts, discipline record, zone waiver (if applicable), and teacher recommendations (information/documentation of items listed are all included in the application packet) must be received by the Churchland High School’s Dance Arts educator for enrollment in the following school year. 

  • One audition is held every year for the upcoming school year.  The audition day and interview is TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2018, beginning promptly at 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

  • The successful completion of the application packet, an audition and interview, a minimum GPA of a 2.5, and the recommendation of the program facilitator will determine acceptance into the program for the upcoming school year.


National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA)

The NHSDA is available at Churchland High School to all Upper Level dance students.  Qualifications to be inducted into the NHSDA "Churchland High School - Dance" chapter are as follows:
  • Must be a student of an Upper Level Dance course.
  • Have and maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher in the chapter's dance program.
  • Must earn 30 points while participating in the dance activities within the program of the chapter site.  Reference the NHSDA National Induction Point System for specifications as to what activities meet the induction criteria and their point value.
  • Once all of the criteria has been met (download this document to track your activities), students are to complete and submit the induction application online here
  • After the application has been reviewed and accepted by the Chapter's sponsor (Miss Landraw), the student is to submit the $15.00 to the Chapter's sponsor ($8.00 induction fee, and $7.00 fee for pin).

Any members who maintain their enrollment in an Upper Level Dance course and a GPA of a 3.0 or higher in the Chapter's site Dance Program will maintain membership in the NHSDA at Churchland High School and will have the opportunity to obtain a National Honor Society for Dance Arts stole to wear at graduation.

CHS Truckettes

Being a part of the CHS Truckettes is an extra-curricular activity (like any other sport) and practices occur after school.  The dance team consist of a “performance” team and/or a “competitive” team (who are also a part of the “performance” team).  

  • The competitive dancers of the Churchland High School dance team are an award-winning team who have competed on the east coast, and have brought “home” 1st and 2nd place awards year after year.  

  • Students have the opportunity to partake in convention classes led by well-known professional artists from around the globe, competitions, and community service opportunities, as well as perform in community events, home basketball games (when applicable), parades, and concerts in and outside of the school.  

  • Application packets are made available to Churchland High School students during the first week of school and can be retrieved from the Churchland High School’s dance educator.  

How to Participate

  • To become a member of the CHS Dance Team, submission of a completed application, 2 recommendations, transcripts, a minimum GPA of a 2.5, and discipline record must be submitted prior to auditioning.  

  • One audition is held every year and occurs the second Tuesday of every school year.  Students who are enrolled in an Upper Level Dance course can also audition for the competition team on the same day.  

The successful completion and submission of all application documents, an audition and interview, and the recommendation of the team’s coach will determine acceptance onto the team.


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